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Ad recall is 1.7 times higher for ads within print news brands than it is for ads appearing in digital news brands (77% vs 46% for digital)

Branding is 185% stronger in print advertising vs digital advertising (37% vs 20% for digital)

Readers are 152% more likely to pay attention to print advertising vs digital advertising (38% vs 25% for digital)

Print ads are 141% easier to understand (52% vs 37% for digital)

Readers are 139% more likely to say that print ads are interesting to them (39% vs 28%)

When it comes to driving action, despite digital being a tried and tested response vehicle, RAMetrics data points towards print advertising driving higher levels of web visits (20% vs 19% for digital

recommendations  (32% vs 23%

for digital) and discussions (20% vs 14% for digital) 

Digital ads are less recalled than print ads but they are more effective than print ads at converting engaged readers into action takers (64% vs 55% for print).

Branded podcasts deliver 90% increase in brand awareness and 25% increase in brand favourability

Host-read ads drive brand recall of 71%

Audiences are more likely to think positively about a brand that is sponsoring a podcast series.  36% strongly agree they pay more attention to host-read ads than any other form of advertising

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