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The Blizzard

The Blizzard

Publication Period: Quarterly

The Blizzard is a quarterly football magazine edited by Jonathan Wilson.

The Blizzard took its name from an eclectic Victorian Sunderland – based newspaper set up by Sidney Duncan, which ran for 12 issues and was established in 1893. Wilson, who also comes from Sunderland, wanted to replicate the eclectic nature of this publication. The Editor's Note, which began Issue Zero, set out the magazine's ethos as an alternative to that which was currently available in football media. The Blizzard accommodates longer articles than a typical football magazine, with pieces up to 8000 words long. Topics are often more obscure and esoteric than other magazines, aiming to either cover little-explored components of football culture, or to take new perspectives on previously well explored issues.

If you have purchased a subscription, the publisher will contact you on the email address supplied to set up your user account and grant access to digital editions. If you have any queries please email"

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